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Parallel Session 10
DAY 2, 13.15

10.1 Supporting first-year undergraduate students' assessment literacy
Emma Whitt*, Carmen Tomas, Kate Bailey, Stephanie McDonald
The University of Nottingham, UK
10.2 Engaging Students with Feedback: Improving satisfaction and attainment with students as co-designers
Lynne Mesher*, Rachael Brown, Martin Andrews
University of Portsmouth, UK
10.3 Meta-assessment to intervention: Improving Programme and Institutional Level Assessment to Support Student Learning.
Nicholas Curtis*, Robin Anderson
James Madison University, USA
10.4 From computer-marked assessment to assessment analytics
Sally Jordan
The Open University, UK
10.5 Exploring tensions between developing and assessing critical reflective practice.
Teti Dragas, Jonathan Tummons*
Durham University, UK
10.6 Assessment as a conversation in business degree programmes
Susan Scoffield*1, Svetlana Warhurst2, Monika Foster3, Cathy Myles4
1Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, 2University of Essex, UK, 3Edinburgh Napier University, UK, 4University of Leeds, UK
10.7 Learning or grades? A case for changing assessment to pass/fail marking.
Muireann O'Keeffe*, Clare Gormley, Pip Bruce Ferguson
DCU, Ireland