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Parallel Session 8
DAY 2, 10.50

8.1 A theory and evidence based model for post-marking moderation
Carmen Tomas*, Ender Ozcan
University of Nottingham, UK
8.2 Assessment Journey: a programme enhancing the educational experience and institutional effectiveness of assessment and feedback
Stuart Hepplestone*, Jonathan Childs
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
8.3 Does formative assessment and reflection help learn a skill?
Rachel Davies*, Mark Ford, Isla Taberrer, Julie Struthers
University of St Andrews, UK
8.4 Shades of meaning: An exploration of nuance in written and audio feedback
Jane Jones1, Sandy Stockwell1, Ellie Woodacre*1, Nick Purkis2
1University of Winchester, UK, 2University of Portsmouth, UK
8.5 Combining Formative Assessment, Peer-instruction, and Self-Assessment to measure Learning Gain and Confidence Gain: theory, practice, and evaluation
Fabio R Arico
University of East Anglia, UK
8.6 Life Long Learning in the field of Education in the Netherlands 
Inge Oudkerk Pool*, Janneke Riksen
Hogeschool van Amsterdam, The Netherlands
8.7 What are effective feedback practices? Views from staff, students and the literature
Michael Henderson1, Phillip Dawson*2, Tracii Ryan1, David Boud2, Michael Phillips1, Paige Mahoney2
1Monash University, Australia, 2Deakin University, Australia
8.8 Assessment Regulations for fairness and equity: a suitable case for treatment
Marie Stowell*1,4, Wayne Turnbull2,5, Harvey Woolf3,4
1University of Worcester, UK, 2Liverpool John Moores University, UK, 3formerly University of Wolverhampton, UK, 4Student Assessment and Classification Working Group, UK, 5Northern Universities Consortium, UK