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Parallel Session 3
DAY 1, 14.45

3.1 Cultivating staff assessment literacy in higher education: findings from an investigation into academic staff perceptions.
John Dermo
University of Salford, UK
3.2 Social and Cultural Factors Influencing Consistency of Examiner Judgements in Competency-based Assessments - A Case Study in Medical Education
Amy (Wai Yee) Wong*1,2, Karen Moni1, Jill Thistlethwaite1, Lata Vadlamudi2, Christopher Roberts3
1School of Education, The University of Queensland, Australia, 2School of Medicine, The University of Queensland, Australia, 3Sydney Medical School, The University of Sydney, Australia
3.3 Investigating assessment in HE: Emotional Labour exploring the toil of marking and grading
Fiona Meddings
University of Bradford, UK
3.4 Enhancing digital literacy and employability through portfolio assessment
Dawn Theresa Nicholson
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
3.5 Establishing the Infrastructure for Learning Outcomes Assessment
Walid Ibrahim
UAE University, United Arab Emirates
3.6 The implications of peer assessment feedback for tutors' and students' communities of practice: a qualitative interview study of successful tutors
Paul Orsmond*, Stephen Merry
Staffordshire University, UK
3.7 Enhancing learning and Teaching through Feedback in Teacher Education: Opportunities and Challenges
Margaret O'Keeffe
University of Limerick, Ireland
3.8 Identifying differences in performance between subgroups of students
Mantz Yorke
Lancaster University, UK