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Parallel Session 2
DAY 1, 12.00

2.1 External examiners: Developing their assessment literacy and shared academic standards
Sue Bloxham*2, Margaret Price4, Chris Rust4, Erica Morris1, Andy Lloyd3, Nicola Reimann6, Teresa McConlogue5
1Higher Education Academy, UK, 2University of Cumbria, UK, 3Cardiff University, UK, 4Oxford Brookes University, UK, 5University College London, UK, 6Durham University, UK
2.2 Is anyone listening? The Birmingham Assessment Change Initiative – what do academics really think about assessment and feedback?
Sarah King*, Lisa Coulson
University of Birmingham, UK
2.3 Using Concept Assessments to Evaluate Student Learning Gains and Course Curriculum Revision
Kathy Nomme*, Natalie Schimpf, Pamela Kalas
University of British Columbia, Canada
2.4 Toward best practice in implementing a student-authored wikitextbook assignment
Paul Collins
Mary Immaculate College, Ireland
2.5 Digitizing but Diversifying Assessment Formats
Sofie Emmertsen
Inspera, Norway
2.6 The reliability and validity of peer assessment based on comparative judgements
Maarten Goossens*, Renske Bouwer, Sven De Maeyer
University of Antwerp, Belgium
2.7 Students’ informal peer feedback networks
Rita Headington
University of Greenwich, UK
2.8 Hegemony and Assessment: Notes from the Trenches
Caroline Sheedy
DKIT, Ireland