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Parallel Session 1
DAY 1, 11.20

1.1 Examining the Examiner: Investigating the assessment literacy of external examiners
Emma Medland
University of Surrey, UK
1.2 Feedback isn’t just a ‘thing’: Using TESTA and Activity Theory to enhance assessment practice and experience
Neil Lent*, Hazel Marzetti
University of Edinburgh, UK
1.3 Evolving perceptions about peer-evaluation in students studying to be teachers
Elizabeth Ruiz Esparza Barajas
Universidad de Sonora, Mexico
1.4 Can markers detect contract cheating? Results from an experimental study.
Phillip Dawson*, Wendy Sutherland-Smith
Deakin University, Australia
1.5 Achieving even better assessment in higher education in the Netherlands
Peter Wildschut*, Eric Entken
Rotterdam University, The Netherlands
1.6 Five go marking an examination question: the use of adaptive comparative judgement to remove subjective bias
Jill Barber
University of Manchester, UK
1.7 Exploring student perceptions of effective feedback
Liz Austen*, Cathy Malone
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
1.8 Global Research Assessment Movement and the Changing Mission of Higher Education: Comparative Case Studies in China, Hong Kong, Japan and U.S.
Jun Li*1, Jie Chen2
1University of Hong Kong, China, 2International Christian School, China