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Parallel Session 10
Day , 13.30pm

118 Joining the pieces: using concept maps for integrated learning and assessment in an introductory Management course.
Heather Connolly, Dorothy Spiller*
University of Waikato, New Zealand
119 How do students engage with personalised feedback from a summative clinical examination?
Beverley Merricks
University of Birmingham, UK
120 Decision-making theory and assessment design: a conceptual and empirical exploration
Gordon Joughin*1, David Boud2, Phillip Dawson3, Margaret Bearman3, Elizabeth Molloy3, Sue Bennett4
1Higher Education Consultant, Australia, 2Deakin University, Australia, 3Monash University, Australia, 4University of Wollongong, Australia
121 Reflective activities and summative assessment in an open university access to higher education module
Carolyn Richardson
The Open University, UK
122 Domains influencing student perceptions of feedback
Margaret Price*, Berry O'Donovan, Birgit den Outer, Jane Hudson
Oxford Brookes University, UK
123 Challenges and benefits of assessing reflection
Stefanie Sinclair*, John Butcher, Anactoria Clarke
The Open University, UK
124 Effective Extensions: managing the lived experience of online students Susanna Chamberlain, David Baker and Danielle Zuvela Griffith University
Susanna Chamberlain*, David Baker, Danielle Zuvela
Griffith University, Australia
125 Valid and reliable assessment of students' academic writing using Comparative judgement
Liesje Coertjens*, Tine van Daal, Marije Lesterhuis, Vincent Donche, Sven De Maeyer
University of Antwerp, Belgium