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Parallel Session 7
Day , 9.15am

0053 Placement for Access and a Fair Chance of Success in South African Higher Education Institutions
Robert Prince
University of Cape Town, South Africa
0054 Students' responses to learning-oriented assessment
David Carless
University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
0055 How mature are your institutional policies for academic integrity?
Irene Glendinning
Coventry University, UK
0056 Why is formative assessment so complicated? What is behind the push-me, pull-you relationship between theory and practice and how can we all move forward?
Donna Hurford1
1University of Southern Denmark, Denmark, 2University of Cumbria, UK
0057 Changing the Assessment Imagination: designing a supra-programme assessment framework at Faculty level.
Jessica Evans*1, Simon Bromley2
1The Open University, UK, 2Sheffield Hallam University, UK
0058 “Leave me alone, I’m trying to do my work” - The discrepancies between staff and students’ perceptions of feedback and assessment practices
Monika Pazio*, Duncan McKenna
University of Greenwich, UK
0059 The impact of the assessment process and the international MA-TESOL course on the professional identity of Vietnamese student teachers
David Leat1, Tran Thanh Nhan*1,2
1Newcastle University, UK, 2Vietnam National University, Viet Nam
0060 Conceptualising Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) as an assessment process
Nicola Reimann*1,2, Ian Sadler3
1Until April: Northumbria University, UK, 2From May: University of Durham, UK, 3York St John University, UK