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Parallel Session 4
Day, theme etc., 15.30pm

0030 Portraying Assessment: The Fear of Never Being Good Enough
Peter Day, Harvey Woolf*
University of Wolverhampton, UK
0031 Investigating student preferences for a novel method of assessment feedback: A comparison of screencast and written feedback through questionnaire and focus group methods
David Wright*, Damian Keil
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
0032 Helping the horses to drink: lessons learned from an institution-wide programme designed to enhance assessment
Andy Lloyd
Cardiff University, UK
0033 Getting traction on assessment development: what can we learn from a professions' (Law; Medicine) perspective?
Chris Trevitt
Australian National University, Australia
0034 How can an institution increase the assessment quality of its examiners?
Remko van der Lei*, Brenda Aalders
Hanze University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
0035 Charting the assessment landscape: preliminary evaluations of an assessment map
Anke C. Buttner*, Carly Pymont
University of Birmingham, UK
0036 The constrained impact of a capstone dissertation assessment on the continuing workplace learning of master teachers
Pete Boyd*, Hilary Constable
University of Cumbria, UK
0037 Oral forms of assessment and the nature of the spoken word: Insights from the world of acting and actor training
Gordon Joughin*1, Eliot Shrimpton2
1Higher Education Consultant, Australia, 2Guildhall School of Music and Drama, UK