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Parallel Session 3
Day, theme etc., 14.45pm

0023 Standardised Assessment to Increase Student Learning and Competency
Ida Asner
LiveText Consultant, USA
0024 Meeting the challenge of assessment when personal transformation is the outcome
Annette Becker
Utica College, USA
0025 Peer Reflection within Sports Coaching Practical Assessments
Martin Dixon*, Chris Lee, Craig Corrigan
Staffordshire University, UK
0026 Tranforming the Experience of STAFF through Assessment   
Eddie Mighten*, Diane Burkinshaw
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
0027 Marketing Downloads : Student response to a learning and assessment innovation at Kingston Business School Kingston University Hilary Wason, Nathalie Charlton and Dr Debbie Anderson
Hilary Wason*, Nathalie Charlton, Debbie Anderson
Kingston University, UK
0028 Animate to communicate: using digital media for assessment
Jenny Fisher*, Hayley Atkinson
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
0029 Grade Point Average: Outcomes from the UK pilot
Sue Bloxham
University of Cumbria, UK