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Parallel Session 2
Day, theme etc., 12 noon

0014 Employer Led Problem Based Learning: Developing and Assessing Employability Skills for Success
Ron Cambridge
London Metropolitan University, UK
0015 Ipsative assessment for student motivation and longitudinal learning  
Gwyneth Hughes
Institute of Education, UK
0016 Using exemplars to develop assessment literacy: what do students learn to notice during pre-assessment workshops?
Kay Sambell*, Linda Graham
Northumbria University, UK
0017 Making use of assessment feedback: Students' perceptions of the utility of interventions for supporting their engagement with feedback.
Naomi Winstone*1, Michael Parker1, Robert Nash2
1University of Surrey, UK, 2Aston University, UK
0018 Exploring students' perceptions about peer-evaluation: a case study
Elizabeth Ruiz Esparza Barajas
Universidad de Sonora, Mexico
0019 Culturally Responsive Assessment: Modifying Assessment Processes to Meet Diverse Student Needs
Natasha Jankowski*1,2, Erick Montenegro1,2
1University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA, 2National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment, USA
0020 On-line Assessment and Personalised Feedback - Some Novel Approaches
Jill Barber
University of Manchester, UK
0021 An alternative explanatory framework for what students want from feedback, what they actually use, and what tutors think they need
Mark Carver
University of Cumbria, UK
0022 Institutional approach to improving feedback and assessment practices using TESTA at the University of Greenwich
Monika Pazio*, Duncan McKenna
University of Greenwich, UK