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Poster Session 4 - Engaging Students in Assessment & Feedback
Day 2, 27th June 2013 11.30
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Engaging Students in Assessment & Feedback
66 A strategy to help students to actively engage with feedback provided: sharing experience from the undergraduate medical student selected component (SSC) programme.
David Bell*, Vivienne Crawford
Centre for Medical Education, The Queen's University of Belfast, UK
67 Horizontal and Vertical Models: The Instant Feedback to Help Students Excel
Wajee Chookittikul*1, Peter Maher2, Sukit Vangtan1
1Phetchaburi Rajabhat University, Thailand, 2Webster Univesrsity, USA
68 Strategies for Formative Oral Assessment of EFL through Storytelling.
Ana Fernandez-Caparros Turina*, Rafael Alejo Gonzalez, Ana Maria Piquer Piriz
University of Extremadura, Spain
69 Facilitating Transitional Learning: An Empirical Investigation into Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions of the Impact of Formative Assessment at Level 4 before entering Level 5
70 A Multifaceted Bioinstrumentation Assessment Approach in the Rehabilitation Sciences
Ricardo Simeoni
Griffith University, Australia
71 Student engagement in formative assessment
Lynda Cook*, Diane Butler, Sally Jordan
Open University, UK
72 Alternative approaches to the assessment of statistical reasoning
Helen Harth*, Ian Jones
Loughborough University, UK
73 Peer assessment without assessment criteria
Ian Jones*, Lara Alcock, David Sirl
Loughborough University, UK
74 Cohort diversity - A case for cafeteria assessment mechanisms?
Sheena Bevitt
University of Derby, UK