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Parallel Session 3
Day 1, 26th June 2013 15.00

17 Examining the examiners: investigating the understanding and use of academic standards in assessment
Sue Bloxham*1, Margaret Price2, Jane Hudson2, Birgit den Outer2
1University of Cumbria, UK, 2Oxford Brookes University, UK
18 Developing assessment literacy: students' experiences of working with exemplars to improve their approaches to assignment writing.
Kay Sambell*1, Catherine Montgomery2, Linda Graham1
1Northumbria University, UK, 2University of Hull, UK
19 ‘Designing a Student Progress Dashboard to promote student self-regulation and support'
Julie Vuolo
University of Hertfordshire, UK
20 Exploring formative assessment with international students
Caroline Burns, Martin Foo*
Northumbria University, UK
21 Demystifying marking and assessment processes: where's the mystery?
Fiona Meddings
University of Bradford, UK
22 Releasing creativity in assessment
Alison Bettley*, Ben Oakley, Freda Wolfenden
The Open University, UK