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Parallel Session 2
Day 1, 26th June 2013 12.00

10 Decision-making for assessment: explorations of everyday practice
Margaret Bearman1, David Boud2, Phillip Dawson1, Gordon Joughin*3
1Monash University, Australia, 2University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, 3University of Queensland, Australia
11 Developing Institutional Assessment Strategies in a Performative Environment 
Sue Mathieson
Northumbria University, UK
12 Using technologies to engage students in assessment and feedback: a case study from Biomedical Sciences  
John Dermo*, James Boyne
University of Bradford, UK
13 'I can't hand it in yet, it's not perfect': Mature students' experience of assessment and contested identities.
Amanda Chapman
University of Cumbria, UK
14 Introducing Assessment & Feedback: A Framework of Engagement, Empowerment and Inclusion
Louise O'Boyle
University of Ulster, UK
15 Frameworks and disciplines: mapping and exploring assessment principles
Erica Morris*1, Patrick Baughan2
1Higher Education Academy, UK, 2City University London, UK